The Off Grid Solar Scorecard tracks and promotes sustainable design in the global off grid solar industry.

We rate small-scale solar powered lighting systems that are sold or distributed in Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia based on their repairability and recyclability.

"As a last mile distribution company, Frontier Markets, turns to market responses about products, and this effort is answering questions that our rural customers would want to know before buying a product. This will improve our ability on product selection."
—Frontier Markets

"SolarAid's social enterprise, SunnyMoney, operates in regions with limited infrastructure for recycling or e-waste disposal, making it all the more vital that our products can be repaired easily, and are designed with their environmental impact in mind. The Off Grid Solar Scorecard will play a vital role in helping us choose the very best products for our customers, and drive forward the sustainability of the sector."
—Katherine Johnston, SolarAid

"We're delighted to see the launch of the Off-grid Solar Scorecard. When serving the people at the bottom of the pyramid, it is imperative that manufacturers and distributors are held to account in providing high quality, durable products with adequate service. This score-card will have a great impact on our industry to keep this as the focus."
—Alexie Seller, Pollinate Energy

"Most repairs needed in Kenya are for tiny fixes that don’t require full replacements. But manufacturers haven’t yet come forward with guidelines or parts so that our agents can quickly assess the requirements in the field. Hopefully, the Off Grid Solar Scorecard will change that."
—David Disch, Bidhaa Sasa